What Would Wonder Woman Do? (WWWWD)

If you know me, you know that I have a “thing” for Wonder Woman.  Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman was the first person I idolized (besides my sister), or more precisely, I wanted to BE her.  What woman doesn’t want to be strong and sexy and pilot an invisible jet?


I’m all jazzed up after a 6-miler.

Since I’ve started running, I’ve thought a lot about Wonder Woman and how she has inspired me over the years.  I realize I will never be superhuman or immortal or even be able to fly that invisible jet, but strong and sexy?   THAT is something to strive for, and something I occasionally feel.

I’ve felt so, so good about my running these past few weeks.  I haven’t run very fast or even lots of miles, but I’ve just felt so good about myself and my body (and yes, even WITH that stubborn extra 5 pounds).  I know the good feeling has seeped into my home life (less yelling at my kiddo, less arguing with my spouse) and sometimes it’s evident at work, too.  I still worry about the results of my upcoming surgery and the lack of running, but I’m trying VERY hard not to whine about it.

Seriously, would Wonder Woman whine because she broke a heel from her boot?  HELL, NO!  She’d fix the boot or just go barefoot. (I mean, really, those boots can’t be comfortable ALL the time.)  The woman wouldn’t whine or complain, she’d just do something about the problem.

Now THAT is something else I need to strive for–no whining! Or how about minimize my whining? 🙂

Wish me luck!

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