1200 Calories–An Important Read!

A few of my friends shared this blog post by Sophieologie: 1200 Calories.  I started to read it and felt a little defensive at first.  I’m one of those calorie-counting bitches and it’s always helped me lose weight—and I tend to obsess about it when I’m doing it.  But since I’m 6’2″, I get to eat 1600 calories to lose weight (and over 2,000 calories to maintain, which is awesome).

I had never actually heard this magic number of 1200 calories. Growing up it was always 1,000 and I could never do it. As a teenager, I would try over and over and continue to fail.  I was 5’11” at 14 years old. I’m amazed that I didn’t pass out over and over while trying those damn diets.

I digress!  The blog I’m sharing talks not only about the harms of eating too little but about how the media continues to tell women that they need to lose weight and says nothing about getting stronger.  Building muscle is a good things, folks.  Admittedly, I still try to do a lot of cardio throughout my week, but I’ve incorporated lifting weights for a while now. I don’t want to be a wimp anymore. I want to be strong.  Bring on the muscles, baby!

And read the blog when you can. It’s really good stuff.  And one of my favorite quotes from the post? “Seriously, the soda pop is the devils piss.”  Love it.

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