This is just a quick update. Yesterday was my follow-up after all the drama over the last few months (“I made a mistake” from the doc, then the most painful procedure ever with no results and finally knocking me unconscious to get what she needed).

No precancerous cells! Yippee!!! Nothing terribly wrong, just pretty bad endometriosis that I’ve had for years. It’s like kudzu in there, kids. Kudzu.


I lived in Mississippi for a year, where kudzu runs rampant. It’s like the blob!


The only negative aspect about my visit, is the doc wants me on a birth control pill that should help control the endometriosis. I’m willing to give it a try, but I warned her that the last time I was on birth control (20 years ago), I was angry nearly the entire year. That’s angry with a capital “A”. And at that time, besides lashing out at people, I dealt with my anger by binge eating, throwing up and lying about it. That was a really bad year and one I’d rather not repeat.

So far this pill has just made me feel nauseated. But it’s possibly made my husband angry. When I asked him to pick up the pills for me, he responded with, “So…why did I get my balls snipped just two months ago?!?”

Ummmm….I just didn’t see this coming, dear. Sorry! And he did pick the pills up for me, so perhaps all is forgiven?

*fingers crossed*

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